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ON DEMAND: Program Improvement Webinar Package

On Demand

Six on-demand webinars designed to help you improve your program’s marketing, management and more.learn more...

ON DEMAND: Dynamic Dashboards - Reporting Success in CE


Good dashboard reports can make the difference between success and failure of CE organizations, because we must communicate our goals and progress in succinct and captivating ways. Learn what items are most meaningful to your dashboards and how data can be best presented.learn more...

ON DEMAND: Writing Creative & Compelling Course Descriptions


The course description is vital to getting people to enroll in your course. A good course description can mean many enrollments while a poor course description can doom your course before it starts.learn more...

ON DEMAND: Creating Effective Incentives


The right incentives can boost participation, revenue and the bottom line. Discover eight best practices to optimize your incentive program. Enhance your program with an incentives plan including the right rewards that increase repeat rate and engage potential customers.learn more...

ON DEMAND: Best Data to Collect, Reports to Run


There are eight reports you must be generating. These reports guide your programming, marketing, operations, sales and financial decisions.

Discover what data to collect and how to generate the reports.

Using these eight reports ensures you are a data-driven organization.learn more...

ON DEMAND: Managing Your Program Mix


When do you need to stop offering a class? What new classes should you be offering? What percentage of your classes should be within each category?
This webinar will address these and other questions related to successfully managing your program mix, creating successful new programs, and knowing when to call it quits on programs that are no longer productive.learn more...

ON DEMAND: Top Notch Customer Service & How To Leverage your Front-Line Staff to Drive Registrations and Sales


In this new webinar you’ll discover:

– How to turn every phone call into a no-pressure sales opportunity

– The necessary steps and techniques to ensure front-line staff have the knowledge they need to deliver revenue- and registration-generating solutions

– Effective methods for tracking customer inquiries for future targeted promotions and sales opportunitieslearn more...

ON DEMAND: Writing Copy that Converts

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - Tuesday, January 1, 2030

ON DEMAND: The 5 Must-Do Customer Service Techniques for Frontline Staff


Next month is customer service month, when you get peak registrations, inquiries and questions from your fall customers. That means this month is a great month to give your frontline staff morale support and training with the 5 must-do customer service techniques for frontline staff. The ROI in dollars, image, good relations is huge.learn more...

ON DEMAND: Summer Camps 2019 Webinar Series


Summer camps are generating huge income and surplus for many programs. Get the advanced information you need to maximize your Return on Investment in this back-by-popular-demand all-new webinar series, presented by award-winning camp professionals from some of North America’s leading programs.learn more...

ON DEMAND: 17 Most Important Contract Training Best Practices


Only 25 percent of contract training units do contract training right. Learn lead generation, pricing, staffing, marketing and many more best practices employed by the winners. Whether you are seasoned or new to contract training, you do not want to miss this webinar. You will leave with a tool to assess the performance of your contract training unit.learn more...

ON DEMAND: Surveys That Work


Your fall participants have registered. To make more money, now survey them! Increase the success rate of your program’s future courses and activities by designing surveys that work.
Most surveys ask the wrong questions to the wrong people. Discover the right questions to ask and who to survey. Plus find out the answer to the most asked question about surveys: how many responses do you need.learn more...

ON DEMAND: How Your CT Unit Should Sell as a Team


In contract training, you should take a business approach to both programming and delivery. This means someone is responsible for selling. This also means you will do best if you know who your clients are, what they need and how you can serve those needs in a better way than your competition can. In the beginning, a contract training department may have a very small staff, especially if it begins as a kind of side-project of a larger department.learn more...

ON DEMAND: Creating Video for Facebook


Facebook has become an effective method of telling students about your program. Short, concise video ads can grab the viewer’s attention and lead them into your courses and events. Learn the techniques and format possibilities you can apply right away to make video ads that help motivate students to enroll in your classes.learn more...

ON DEMAND: Reinforce Your Messaging with Integrated Marketing


Coordinate your messaging across multiple channels to increase brand awareness and reach your customers and potential customers where they are. In this new webinar, learn tools and techniques for aligning your messaging and branding for the greatest impact. Discover how to keep your marketing campaigns consistent across different platforms.learn more...

ON DEMAND: Writing Course Descriptions That Sell


Compelling copy moves readers to take action. Every course description in your print brochure is an opportunity for you to hook the reader and make a conversion. Or a lost opportunity that turns away registrations and income. Using just a few easy rules, you can write or improve course descriptions to be compelling, boosting registrations and income. You decide.learn more...

ON DEMAND:Disastrous Brochure Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Are seemingly innocent mistakes in your brochure costing your program registrations and income?

From covers to course descriptions and fonts to forms, this webinar will alert you to some of the most common – yet easiest to fix – brochure mistakes and teach you how to avoid making these mistakes in the future.learn more...

ON DEMAND: 2019 New! New Integrated Marketing Study Results


What’s hot in digital marketing for 2019, what successful programs will be doing next, what is most effective in generating registrations, and more. From video to Instagram, find out the best marketing strategies for engaging potential customers and moving them to register. Then ask your questions about digital and Integrated Marketing strategies for lifelong learning programs.learn more...

ON DEMAND- 2019 Strategies for Success with a Small Contract Training Unit


Over 60 percent of contract training units operate with five or less staff. Limited resources require a set of strategies different from larger contract training units.

Based on LERN’s research, discover the nine strategies successfully being utilized by small team contract training units. Understand how you can implement these strategies to improve the performance of your contract training unit.learn more...

ON DEMAND: 2019 Best Brochures and Marketing for Recreation Departments and Community Education


Two webinars just for recreation departments and community education programs in public schools. These two topics packed the room at the big LERN annual conference recently.

– Best Promotion Ideas of Year, Thursday, Feb 21, William Draves, Brendan Marsello,

– Best Brochure Ideas of the Year, Thursday March 7, Julie Coates, Brendan Marsellolearn more...

ON DEMAND: Digging Deep: How to do an Effective Needs Assessment

On Demand

In contract or customized training, a needs assessment is a systematic process you undergo with the client to determine and address needs, or gaps between current conditions and desired conditions or wants. The discrepancy between the current condition and wanted condition must be measured to appropriately identify the training need.learn more...

ON DEMAND: How to Increase Engagement on Social Media


Posting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn and getting no comments, likes or shares can be as frustrating as talking to a wall.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are proven techniques that can help you increase engagement on your social media platforms that will ultimately help you broaden your social reach and increase the return on investment of time and money spent on social media marketing.learn more...

ON DEMAND: Generating New Income From Your Data


Discover how to use your own data to generate new programming, create new markets, and target carrier routes to boost registrations and cut costs. Know your market segments better and how to use that market segmentation data to generate new income.learn more...

ON DEMAND: Why Winners Win


Every lifelong learning or continuing education program is unique but winning programs are following the same best practices.

The good news? You can apply their same techniques and processes to your program.

Want to know what is new in course programming, marketing, and operations…attend this Webinar!learn more...


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